Many of us might know much about the marvelous charm of Halong Bay in which thousands of the limestone caves, islands and islets are intact and beautiful. The ideas of traveling to Halong Bay have long been attracting the nature lovers and holidaymakers out there. Besides the incomparable natural beauty, what is the other magnet that attracts you? Some answers may point to the delicious seafood in this renowned destination. Eating seafood in Halong Bay such as lobster, sea snail, crab, fish, etc., is wonderful, but it’s vital to remember the top 5 safety tips by so that you eat well and avoid any risk of poisoning.

#1: Purchase the fresh seafood

Many people prefer buying the fresh seafood on their own and then ask the hotel chefs to cook for them. This is the excellent choice as you can take control of the quality of the seafood as well as the preferred flavor. So, just buy the fresh ingredients for your health! Note that the dead sea species, especially the ones with shell, tend to hold the high degree of poison or bacteria. It’s much better to invest money in the fresh seafood, rather than the hospital fee, right?

#2: Not to eat the raw seafood

Generally speaking, the raw or unprocessed seafood may include the Vibrio bacteria, which make it quite harmful to human’s digestive system. It’s revealed that such bacteria can still live in the high-temperature condition, even higher than 800C.  Therefore, while you’re on the board of Halong Bay Cruises, please restrain the self not to eat sashimi and sushi too much even though they are very inviting and tasty. Significantly, things go worst if you eat the raw seafood in the unverified places that sell the totally uncooked dishes.

#3: Never consume the uncooked crab

In the same sense as not to eat the raw seafood, but the uncooked crab is the important case to specify. It is the 3rd essential safety tip for eating seafood in Halong Bay because many crabs’ “crazy fans” usually forget the advice. In reality, the raw crabs in the Bay have the very dangerous parasitic bacteria (called lung fluke), which might hurt human’s respiratory system. The popular symptoms of such bacteria include a hard cough, coughing with blood, and cerebral paralysis. Hence, be careful to cook the crabs critically for 20-30 minutes at least to ensure they are healthy.

#4: Not to overdrink beer while consuming seafood

It is scientifically proven that drinking too much beer while eating seafood increases the risks of being gout or getting the arthritis disease. For these dangerous reasons, please drink adequately during the mealtime when many plates of the succulent and fragrant seafood are served on the table. You’d better not to overdrink. In most cases, drinking the excessive beer is not good at all, especially things get worse if you overdrink after eating seafood.

#5: Not to eat fruit or drink tea after you eat seafood

Fruits are not the healthy dessert choice for a seafood meal, remember! Why? Know that the sour fruit has the acid substance which will negatively influence the process of protein absorbability from the seafood into human’s body. Along with that, the tannin from fruits will inadequately react with protein and calcium from seafood that causes you to suffer stomachache and even vomiting. It is quite dangerous for health and life! In the case of drinking tea after eating seafood, the similar symptoms of stomachache or vomiting might appear. Therefore, please be careful and considerate enough to experience the safe and healthy culinary tour to Halong Bay.