Provided that you ever wish to take off and land on the emerald Halong Bay as the free birds, it’s suggested to get the transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay by seaplane and helicopter. Both of the modern means of transport promise to transfer you in a luxurious, quick, and comfortable manner. Since these services are quite costly, they are mostly selected by the high-budget travelers. Whatever your final choice, either seaplane or helicopter transfers you from Hanoi to Halong Bay excellently.

Seaplane and Helicopter from Hanoi to Halong Bay

It takes about 45 minutes to transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay by either seaplane or helicopter. The modern and costly services of helicopter are run by Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company that ensures the safety and comfort of all guests. The Hanoi – Halong Bay helicopter tour is private, easy, and fast enough to satisfy you all so that you conclude it is worth the price.

About the luxurious seaplane service, there uses the latest advanced model of American such as Cessna Grand Caravan 280B EX Seaplane to serve the tourists. Please note that the seaplane can take off from either the general airport or the water surface. On the seaplane, the sense of comfort is ultimate, and the sightseeing experience is perfect. Once the seaplane lands on the water, you will surely say “wow.” Along with the transportation service, the company also provides the scenic sightseeing journey in 15 minutes to the travelers who love viewing Halong Bay from the top dimension before landing.

Incomparable Benefits of Helicopter or Seaplane Transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay

First of all, you get the VIP Check-in booth in the airport. No need to feel afraid of queuing or waiting in line at the airport to process the check-in. The staff will come and bring you the VIP booth. As your personal information is loaded correctly in advance, you just come to the booth to grasp your seaplane/helicopter ticket. Once the check-in process is done, you will come to the beautiful waiting area in which the pilot and co-pilot are waiting to welcome you. Then, it’s time to fly from the ancient Hanoi to the stunning Halong Bay in a private, quick, and exciting manner. Before taking off, don’t forget to take pictures with the professional pilot and post the picture online to tell the whole world that you’re going to experience the second-to-none transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay in 45 minutes.

The other incomparable benefit is about the sightseeing enjoyment. In both helicopter and seaplane, you find the big windows that allow the eyes to spread freely towards the picturesque seascape and take snapshots of the wonderful scenery from the height of 150-3.000 meters above the sea level. In the case of the seaplane, the average speed might be 260km/h that provides the comfortable and quick transfer.

While the helicopter transfer puts stress on the passengers’ privacy matter, the seaplane helps boost their comfort and expectation for the new things. Anyhow, both are the modern and excellent means of transportation to transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay.

Sightseeing “the Bay of the Descending Dragon” is incredibly wondrous as the Bay looks more stunning from the aerial angles than ever. Thousands of dramatic islands and islets will appear beneath you, and you see the emerald sea is endless and spotlighted with the colorful limestone towers. Such beauty should always last forever. Don’t forget to talk to the co-pilots who mostly have the great sense of humor to keep the passengers excited during the flight. So you see, the transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay now becomes highly exciting and extraordinary.