Being worth to be recognized as one of seven New Wonders of the World, Halong Bay is beautiful all year round to attract the countless number of nature lovers and holidaymakers from various corners of the world. The destination is spotlighted with the emerald body of water, the long-lasting limestone patterns, the mystic caves, the idyllic floating villages and more. However, it is quite subjective to announce that every time is the ideal time to visit Halong even though the beauty of the site remains. The weather in Halong matters the success of the tours. So, to know the best time to visit Halong Bay, please read through the following bits.

The Best Time for Halong Bay Tour

In general, you can understand the tropical monsoon weather in Halong like this: summer is hot and humid with infrequent rain (from April to October); winter is cold and dry with the chilly wind (from November to March).

Please know that the tourism events in Halong Bay heavily depend on the sea condition! Therefore, summertime is the best time to experience a Halong Bay Tour with lots of outdoor hobbies. Besides, the summer period witnessed the celebration of Halong Tourism Festival in April and Halong Carnival in May. If you love participating in the colorful festivals, it’s better to travel to Halong in the summertime.

Along with that, the other wonderful months to see Halong Bay are the seasons of the spring and the autumn, remarkably from March to May. In reality, the summer and the spring make the Bay crowded most of the year. At that time, tourism increases with lots of culinary and recreational events that encourage every participant to forget all sadness.

About the periods that occasionally witness typhoons in Halong, it might be from August to November. If typhoons happen, the cruise trip will be canceled. And then, please remember to call your tour agent to ask for alternatives! You may need to stay one/two nights in the local hotels. Significantly, the next cruise is only operated in the safe condition.

These are the months to get the most of Halong Bay Tour as many tourists prefer. But, it doesn’t mean that travel to Halong in the other times are not exciting. Rather, if you appreciate the cold atmosphere, just come to this natural wonder in December or January! As noted, it is too cold outside to swim or do any water activity. In this case, the alternatives are the sightseeing the classical face of Halong, the attentive culinary services and parties on board, and the real relaxation on furnished cabins, the precious photography opportunities, etc.

Halong Bay Weather – Know It Before You Go

As each traveler might have their own preference of the best time to visit Halong Bay. You may choose to come there in the summer while the other appreciate the winter or the spring. Informatively, the local average temperature is 23.70C. The highest temperature in the summer is 380C and the lowest one in the winter is 50C. Unless you love the cold and frozen air, travel to Halong Bay in December or January is unideal.

Notice that the speed of the wind here is relatively strong in combined with the humidity of 84%! As a result, it’s essential to bring sufficient cloth to warm yourself and avoid the unexpected fatigue. As the Mother Nature blesses the land, Halong Bay remains beautiful and intact regardless of the test of the time as well as harsh storms. Once you’ve got a little training about the best time to travel to Halong Bay, let’s go!