The tourists find dozens of activities in Halong Bay, and each is powerful enough to bring the exciting experience. Though it may involve some subjective senses to say this activity is more cheerful than that activity.  Anyhow, this is our attempt to recommend you to enjoy the top pleasures. Then, you have a base to self-decide what to do in Halong Bay.

#1: Take a Helicopter Tour to Halong Bay

The Hanoi – Halong Bay helicopter tours have been appreciated by lots of prestigious and finicky guests. It is the bird’s eye view of emerald seascape beneath that mesmerizes them all. You might even find nothing interesting than contemplating the seamless “Bay of the Descending Dragon” as the little birds on the helicopter. The incomparable experience on the modern helicopter is worth the charge.

#2: Sightseeing and Relaxing on Halong Bay Cruises

As the marvelous boating destination, Halong Bay is surely ideal for the day-and-night cruise trip. Thousands of accessible islets welcome the passengers to explore them. Also, you can reach the mystic limestone caves and grottoes, and the poetic floating markets in Halong via cruising. Not to mention the system of hotels and guesthouses in this destination, many travelers prefer staying overnight at cruises. Sightseeing the legendary beauty in this way is delightful and inspirational. Just relax and rest well on Halong Bay cruises and junks.

#3: Play the Water Activities

Halong Bay is the island paradise with lots of beautiful beaches for you to play, and the most favorite water activities to try out are swimming, parasailing, kayaking, scuba diving, and also sunbathing. You can find the “equipment for rent” service there. These active pleasures encourage you to explore the intact lagoons, the colorful underwater space, and the emerald water surface. Another joy in Halong is squid fishing; so, don’t miss it!

#4: Experience in Trekking, Cycling, and Mountain Climbing

These activities are well invested in the primitive environment in Halong Bay. Along the trekking, cycling, or mountain climbing routes, you see lots of floral and faunal species. Then, if you reach the beach, just feast the eyes with the pretty sandbank and the incredible serenity. Also, the thrill-seekers do love to conquer the top of the mountains there.

#5: Eat Fresh Seafood and Halong Traditional Dishes

When you’re in Halong, the quality of seafood is high and guaranteed. It is fresh, nutrient, and delicious. If you ask for what dishes to eat, here are some top suggestions: lobster, crab, prawn, clam, and lamprey. Regarding the traditional and famous dishes in Halong Bay, they are boiled oysters, squid sausage, boiled prawn, sea snails with chili sauce, and Hoanh Bo soaked rice wine.

#6: Dine in a Cave

If the activity of dining in a mystic cave interests you, and you want to experience it one day, just travel to Halong Bay right now! The enjoyment might be doubled if you go hand-in-hand with the partner to enter the cave and then enjoy the succulent meal. As you might now, the limestone caves of Halong Bay are spotlighted with the colorful stalagmites and stalactites. So, the culinary experience right in the cave is, for sure, extraordinary and memorable. Besides the very delicious meal, the oh-so-astonishing limestone formations cheer you up.

#7: Buy Unique Souvenir of Halong Bay

The markets in Halong do sell lots of interesting items for the holidaymakers to take home as the unique souvenirs for the trip. You’ll find a wide range of handicraft, decorative objects and especially jewelry made of pearls there. And if you stop by the floating markets, take it easy to buy the fresh fruits as well as savoring the traditional food in Halong.

Update in Aug 2017: #8 Spend interesting day at Sunworld Complex Halong, click here !