Ba Ham Cave might sound new to you and somebody, but in fact, this is an exceptional and beautiful cave that Halong Bay has been gifted with, for centuries. Discover both Ba Ham Cave and Ba Ham Lake encourages you to cherish and admire the beauty of nature more.

Ba Ham Cave and Ba Ham Lake Attractions

Dau Be island in Halong BayLocated in the southwest of the UNESCO Bay, Ba Ham Lake belongs to Dau Be Island (“Dau Be” means “Calf’s Head”), Lan Ha Bay. Naturally set at the farthest end of Halong Bay, the Dau Be Island borders the impressive Long Chau Sea, which results in the spectacular and cool sceneries. And, the Ba Ham Lake is amidst the narrow, rectangular zone walled by the four-sided vertical cliffs.

With three large and round pits connected by a little and zigzag tunnel, this lake preserves the colorful and diverse stalactites hanging from the ceiling and appearing in the extraordinary forms. Also, the serene area is colored beautifully with many floral kinds like orchids, banyans, cycads, benjamin figs, etc., which create the fragrant and fresh atmosphere all seasons. The natural and peaceful zone is home to the yellow-haired monkeys, birds, bats, flying squirrels, and more, while the underwater world is rich enough to feed the sea species.

Around 25km from the shore, Ba Ham attraction has become highly attractive to the nature lovers who appreciate how pristine and exquisite a natural site should be. Discover these fascinating lake and cake, you gain much impression just like the feeling inside Luon Cave or Sung Sot Cave, but the scenery is even more imposing than the other landmarks. Though the entrance to this remarkable natural masterpiece is not as easy as the one to Luon Cave, that is the interesting challenge of the thrill-seeking adventurers and true nature lovers. It is the semicircular hole opening on the flat stone in the northwest of the island, at the elevation of 4-5m.

You can have the panoramic view over Dau Be Island area with a scenic tour by helicopter in Halong Bay !

Excitingly Discover Ba Ham Cave in Halong Bay

Kayaking at Ba Ham CaveLet’s get started from the cave entrance, you will enter the first tunnel which covers the collection of the fantastically shaped and colorful stalactites and stalagmites. Here you contemplate the colorful lights of purple, pink, blue, or white stalactites facing down the water surface, which looks similar to the banyan roots. Of course, the deeper you explore the cave, the darker it becomes, and surely the more surprises await. Look! There are shoals of fish swimming in the transparent and deep river inside the cave – that is a magical and inspiring scenery! Keep going deeper 100m, you are likely to see the light coming from the top, which lightens up some hidden yet beautiful corners. Take your time contemplating how some kinds of orchids cling to the cliffs, cycads are scattering around, and a kind of reed whose leaves look like yellow cock’tails called Truck Duoi Ga are blossoming in clumps.

The expedition to Ba Ham Cave in Halong Bay goes on to the second tunnel where holds the secrets of how the old carambola tree can bear fruits throughout the year. Look for the magical tree on the southeast cliff. The tunnel is primitive enough to be home to the monkeys, silver-headed parrots, flying squirrels, and so forth. They are looking at their guests from the tree branches, just say “hello.”

Continue your way to the third tunnel which is set apart from the second tunnel by the cliff. You enter a narrow cave for approximately 5 minutes to reach the mecca of the bats and butterflies. In such quiet, primeval, and imposing atmosphere, the sound of the paddles can even make some rhythms.

The Ba Ham Cave Discovery in a Halong Bay Tour Package brings the true and rewarding nature-friendly experiences, sounding like you are rowing in an abyssal well enveloped by the vertical cliffs. If you dare to enjoy, the feeling is surely worthwhile.