Lan Ha Bay is situated in the south of the reputable Halong Bay, and in the east of Cat Ba Tourism Area. This natural landmark stands out with the imposing beauty to win every heart at first sight. If you are in search of the primeval and beautiful islands, beaches, and caves, then proceed to Lan Ha Bay.

Lan Ha Bay – It is pristine and marvelous!

In an area of over 7.000 ha, Lan Ha Bay owns the stunning charm with approximately 400 islands of various sizes scattering around, and come in many interesting shapes. For any travel to Halong Bay or Cat Ba Island, then the Bay named Lan Ha is absolutely the wonderful destination for those who are fond of swimming in the jade seawater and cherishing the pure loveliness. Blessed with the smooth-sand beaches and enigmatic caves, this tourist venue sounds inspiring, romantic, and lovely to the nature fanciers.

Lan Ha Bay, Halong Bay Area, Vietnam

Lan Ha Bay, Halong Bay Area, Vietnam

The Best Things to Do in Lan Ha Bay

If you visit this destination during February or March, it offers the cool wind, light rain sometimes, and fresh atmosphere. Viewing the Bay from a far, the whole scenery looks magical in the mist of the spring. It is the stunning and foggy limestone formations that make you feel like you are stepping into the fairyland. And if you come to the site during the summer, then the best things to do are to cherish the shining beauty of the blue sea, white sand, yellow sunlight, and take a full advantage of them.

Being less untouched by tourism, Lan Ha Bay remains pristine and stunning which is worth being voted as one of the most beautiful Bays in Vietnam. It has around 139 little and lovely sandbanks which scatter around the mountains and link to the transparent sea. Here you find some ideal swimming beaches such as Ang Ven, Cat Dua, Cat Co, Ben Beo, Co Tien, Van Boi, Van Ha, and more. Thus, make sure you don’t miss the swimming activity and playing water sports in the exquisite beaches of Lan Ha.

The other great and unique thing to do in this serene Bay is to remain relaxed and free while you are contemplating the peaceful seascape, the clear sky or the colorfully pristine coral reefs. The sea waves here are quiet and the beaches can even deliver some smooth rhythms for you to calm the mind.

Kayaking is the not-to-miss activity during the Lan Ha Bay Cruise 2 Days 1 Night. By kayaking or boating, you can discover the mysterious caves full of the incredible and age-old stalactites and stalagmites. The moments you view those masterpieces of Nature, they captivate your interest in imagining what their forms look like. The shaft of light from the outside can even make the “limestone shows” more fascinating. The notable grottoes are Ham Rong Cave, Ca Cave, Tung Gau Cave, and Do Cung Cave. After hours of cave discovery, continue your expedition to the outstanding islands such as Monkey Island gifted with the glittering white sand, and coral fragments.

Van Gia floating village in Lan Ha Bay

Van Gia floating village in Lan Ha Bay

The next site to see in Lan Ha must be the poetic Van Gia Floating Village. In the middle of the sea, this floating village has a hundred-of-year history with hundreds of households. Take your time learning the local life, photographing the idyllic landscape, and experiencing the fishermen’s life with squid fishing, throwing and pulling the full-of-fish nest, catching shipworm, etc. From this spot, you can rent a motorbike to visit Viet Hai Village where owns the ancient houses of thatch roofs and soil grounds, amidst the extensively green and peaceful rice paddies.

The Lan Ha Bay Tours are certainly interesting and relaxing. You find yourself totally delightful and excited in such the pristine, poetic, and captivating scenery.

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