Quan Lan Island is one of the most pristine and beautiful attractions in Halong Bay that nature lovers love cherishing all seasons. Being the shining beauty spot in Quang Ninh Province, this island offers the fantastic settings for many great things to do and see. Let’s see full information with Halong Travel Guide !

Get to Quan Lan Island

From Cai Rong Port in Van Don, you can take a speedboat to reach the lovely island named Quan Lan which has remained primitive and marvelous as time passes. The other transport option is cruising from Hon Gai in Halong City to the destination. After cruising for one hour and a haft on the charming Bai Tu Long Bay, Quan Lan appears beautifully to catch your eyes. Some travelers book Halong Bay Tours then continue to Quan Lan Island to complete the leisure holiday!

Speed boat to Quan Lan Island

Speed boat to Quan Lan Island

The Best Things to Do in Quan Lan

First, enjoy the interesting transfer route from the Quan Lan Port. It is wonderful to contemplate the white sand dunes, windy and pristine forest, and poetic beaches along the way. Make sure you get the camera ready to shoot the imposing seascape and record the fantastic moments when the natural masterpieces expose themselves to the sun.

Second, visit Quan Lan Temple – the significant and iconic attraction in the region. The religious site is dedicated to commemorating the big victory of the national brave Generals who defeated the evil invaders to protect the land. People come there to listen to some pieces of history and show respect to the ancestors. The sacred and meaningful temple was erected in the 17th century and became the treasure of the island. The antique venue preserves the unique architecture and lesson for the later generations to discover.

Minh Chau Beach at Quan Lan Island

Third, the big thing to do in Quan Lan is playing at the exquisite beaches like Son Hao Beach or Minh Chau Beach. With smooth sand bank and crystal clear water, the beaches inspire you to relax well by swimming, having fun with sand-built castles, sunbathing, and eating fresh seafood. Without a doubt, the scenery is captivating and photogenic from the early morning to the late afternoon that ensures you to have a professional photo album to feel proud of. Just get life anxiety vanished and swept away by the sea waves.

Fourth, take a walk to Tan Doai Fish Market which is highly animated and interesting in the early morning. You should come there while the whole scenarios are still in the mist to gain the true feeling for the fish market on the island, with the freshest fish and most authentic local activities. Find your place to view what is going on in a lively way in the market while the dawn begins showing its enchantment. That scenery can surely bewitch you and turns to be the sweet memory. Take your time savoring the magnificence and radiance of the sea to clear the mind and regain energy.

Tan Doai Fish Market in Quan Lan Island

Tan Doai Fish Market in Quan Lan Island

Fifth, the next interesting activity is to hire a bicycle to explore some charming corners of the island. You can expect to pass by the idyllic villages, pure seascape, primitive floral species, and friendly islanders who might say ‘hello’ and smile welcome. Believe it or not, some of the most sincere and friendliest people are living there.

Sixth, experience Quan Lan Overnight. The primitively valuable island guarantees your overnight time to be relaxing, quiet, and comfortable. Think of Viglacera Resort next to Son Hao Beach if you would love to have an exciting night with campfire and squid fishing, and the resort facilities are in the high-quality conditions for your full advantages. Also, if you prefer the homestay, it’s possible to lay the heads at the local houses, have meals with their families, and use torches to try squid fishing. The Quan Lan Island Homestay wins many holidaymakers’ satisfaction and interest in following the local lifestyle and make friends.