In almost every talks about Quang Ninh Tourism, people first think of Halong Bay, Co To Island, Bai Chay Tourist Area, etc., but just do not miss the enthralling Ngoc Vung Island. The place preserves some simple yet exciting highlights to exhilarate the visitors. Though it is peaceful like “a sleepy princess,” it is not boring or less attractive at all.

Introduction to Ngoc Vung Island Vietnam

Ngoc Vung Island belongs to Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. In an area of 45 square kilometers, this place embraces some interesting folk tales. Once upon a time, this place had lots of precious pearls that shine bright days and nights in a widespread range. Nowadays, the pearl raising business still maintains and develop in the region. Besides, there is the freshwater source on this island, enabling agriculture. The locals also have traditions of raising fish, shrimps, and crabs.

Ngoc Vung Island in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Ngoc Vung Island in Halong Bay, Vietnam

The Best Time to See Ngoc Vung Island

Holidaymakers can travel to Ngoc Vung Island all year round, but it’s advised to avoid the raining and stormy months. As long as you check the weather conditions in advance, the trip will go smoothly. In general, the best time to see Ngoc Vung Island is the summer months when the sea wave is calm and the environment is ideal for sightseeing the marvelous seascape as well as the white sand and yellow sunlight.

How to Get to Ngoc Vung Island

Upon your arrival at Hon Gai Pier (Halong City), you can take a speedboat that runs Hon Gai – Ngoc Vung route; the speedboat starts at 1:00 PM every day. Besides, there are wooden boats that frequently access the island, and you can choose one of the available routes: Cam Pha – Ngoc Vung (twice a day, at 7:00 AM and 1:00 PM) and Van Don – Ngoc Vung (twice a day, at 7:00 AM and 1:00 PM).

What to Enjoy on Ngoc Vung Island

First of all, Ngoc Vung Island accommodation might be a big concern of some visitors who are both concerned and excited about this matter. Note that this place is pristine and not dedicated to tourism. There are not many hotels and guesthouses on the island, but the good addresses to lay your heads do exist, namely Song Da Guesthouse, Dong Que Stilted House, Hung Hanh Budget Hotel, etc. More interestingly, think of Vietnam Homestay on this peaceful spot. You can ask for the overnight stay at the local houses, watch their daily activities, experience the different culture, and eat family meals with them. Often, on the table are seafood soup, banana fish, and stir-fried spinach. In fact, lots of local young backpackers choose to homestay in Ngoc Vung.

Budget Guesthouse at Ngoc Vung Island

Budget Guesthouse at Ngoc Vung Island

Next, catch your opportunities to unwind by sightseeing the untamed beaches and the green spectacles. If you can view Ngoc Vung from the aerial dimension via Halong Bay Helicopter, then you’ll come to fall in love with it; the island is as beautiful as a velvet scarf, with the shining white lines floating on the water surface. In the east of the site are miles of the white sandbank. There is even a place called Mat Rong Cape (Dragon’s Eye Cape). From this cape, it’s panoramic to view the whole Co To Island. As noted, this natural haven has the freshwater source, which showers it with every terrace elements of river, beach, pier, rice fields, etc. The place has around 100 residents, leaving the spectacle and life there as peaceful as the rural countryside, in the middle of the sea.

And if you’re thrill-seeking, go to hire a motorbike and ride it along the coastal roads and see what is going on in this hideaway. While the other islands like Co To and Quan Lan are touristy and popular, Ngoc Vung is less-known, with fewer inhabitants, but its natural beauty is not less at all. Therefore, this place is perfect for the explorers who like the campfire as well as the non-schedule surprises. Besides motorcycling, cycling in a group is the great activity for the young backpackers.

Seafood at Ngoc Vung Island, Halong Bay - Vietnam

Seafood at Ngoc Vung Island, Halong Bay – Vietnam

Also spotlighted on the island are the historical sites of interest such as Uncle Ho’s Memorial, the historical flagpole, the cannon hill, the coastal casuarina forest, Truong Chinh Beach, Phao Dai Islet at the end of the beach, etc. In the quiet atmosphere, time in Ngoc Vung flies freely that you become a happy self. Sometimes, the rhythm of the sea waves can make you an artist so that you can create poems, draw pictures, or compose songs. Especially at night, the campfire helps all participants to unwind and have memorable stories to tell. In particular, make sure you taste the grilled squids on the island!

In addition, you can buy souvenirs and fresh seafood to bring home. In the early morning of the departure day, take time going to the pier and buy seafood from the local fishermen who arrive with the full-of-seafood boats. The merchants will put seafood into the package and ice them. So, just buy with no worry. And, if you do not buy the fresh ones, consider the dried squids.

In fact, Ngoc Vung is most attractive during the summer months when people come to run away the scorching heat. Traveling to Ngoc Vung Island in Halong Bay, you’re greeted by the happy sea waves. But if you want to take a rest, let the soul be free by walking on the smooth and soft sandbank and collecting the beautiful snail shells. You can also try building castles from the shells or the sand. This is when happiness comes from the simple things.

Halong Bay is the indispensable tourist destination in Quang Ninh Province that the whole world knows and admires. And if you spend more time exploring Ngoc Vung Island, it’s sure that your journey will cover lots of interesting and unique experiences. Whether you get there to avoid the scorching heat, to please the peace-loving soul, or to relish the refreshing vacation in the hideaway, this serene island welcomes you.