Together with the cruise and yacht, the helicopter becomes a wonderful means of transport for flights from Halong Bay to Cat Ba Island, and in particular, the top Bell 505 Jet Range X helicopters in service promises the most exciting transfer ever. The wealthy guests can consider this option which takes 30 minutes flying between the two destinations for the awesome bird’s-eye sightseeing.

Travel from Tuan Chau Island to Cat Ba Island by Helicopter Bell 505

The Bell 505 is the latest light model helicopter with 5 seats manufactured by the trademark Bell Helicopter. This aircraft holds a maximum of 04 passengers who are guaranteed to enjoy comfort, vista, and privacy during the flight. Some eminent characteristics of the aircraft include the aerodynamic rotor system of Bell 206L-4 with 2 wings, FADEC engine controller technology, Safran HE Arrius 2R Engine, the maximum speed of 232 km/h, and the maximum ceiling of 5.672m. Also, passengers find the seatbelt, head cover, and area for stretching legs on this state-of-the-art helicopter.

The scenic Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Helicopter Tours with Bell 505 will take around 30 minutes and full of opportunities to take pictures and contemplate the “treasures” beneath. Every scene you fly past is bewitching and leaves the strong impression that you want to view again. It is the bird’s-eye view that makes 30 minutes pleasurable and exhilarating. You see how beautiful the islands, beaches, forests, villages, etc., are from Tuan Chau to Cat Ba.

Instead of using the ferry to move between Tuan Chau and Gia Luan Port (Cat Ba) which takes more than 45 minutes, enjoy a journey of distinction by getting onboard the Bell 505 Helicopter which is associated with the fantastic bird’s-eye sightseeing that no ferry can offer. Of course, the upscale service costs more dollars and cents, but the experiences are valued and worthy. Also, for those who are seasick, the flight appears to be the best option as long as the budget can afford.

Cat Ba National Park Vietnam

Cat Ba National Park Vietnam

Flights from Halong Bay to Cat Ba Island: Visit National Park!

Cat Ba is located in Hai Phong City of Vietnam. Tourism in Cat Ba covers the sublime Cat Ba Island and the National Park which both are attractive to visitors. While the island offers the bewitching seascape, the Park shelters the rich flora and fauna for ecotourism all year round. In general, the island is 28.500-ha wide and adjacent to the south of the well-known Halong Bay. The vista is featured with limestone towers poking on the emerald water, which is incredible from the top panorama.

The destination is also ideal for trekking and boating. And, the best time to visit Cat Ba is between April and October. The natural gifts of the forest, mountain, caves, beaches, and islands will keep pleasing the visitors every second past. Particularly, go see these tourist sites in Cat Ba: Cat Co Beach (1, 2, 3), Tung Thu Beach, Lan Ha Bay, Cat Dua Island (Dao Khi Beach), Cai Beo Fishing Village, Viet Hai Village, Thien Long Cave, and Cat Ba National Park.

Not only Cat Ba is perfect for sightseeing and breathing the fresh air, but the island is also full of exciting activities to do. You can play various team building games on the beaches such as football, tug of war, swimming, dancing, etc.; the key is to enjoy the team spirit. Next, try kayaking to discover Lan Ha Bay, view the sunset in Thanh Cong Fortress, go camping on the pristine beaches of Lan Ha Bay, explore the National Park, climb the mountain, scuba diving, and go fishing the squid at night with the local fishermen. When the Bell 505 lands, do enjoy your Cat Ba Tours to the fullest!