Halong Bay is a wonderful summer retreat that many travelers gather to find fun and avoid the heat, happily. For the special tours to this legendary destination, make sure you know to visit Tuan Chau International Entertainment Center – a remarkable tourism and recreation complex set in the marvelous seascape.

About Tuan Chau International Entertainment Center

The recreational establishments in Tuan Chau are attractive with various fun, modern, and relaxing attractions scattered throughout the parks. While the Games World can amuse the kids, the Crocodile Club and Circus activities surprise the guests. You can also play at the big outdoor zone during the daytime and when the sun sets, the overnight Sea Disco offers the exciting party for the young tourists to celebrate the night. The sense of entertainment is just boundless.

Things to Do in Tuan Chau Center

Interesting Outdoor Playground

Interesting Outdoor Playground The outdoor entertainment parks have an area of 5ha stretching along the Tuan Chau Beach. The constructions own harmonious architecture with nature. The bright and colorful settings encourage lots of photography opportunities and joyful moments. You find the miniature Wonders of the World and Walt Disney cartoon figures in the center zone. The selective miniatures look modern and photogenic enough to attract a huge number of explorers. Also, the outdoor joy is plenty at the transparent beaches, with fresh seafood, and water sports. If wanted, you can order for the Luxury Cruises, Scenic Helicopter Flight above the picturesque Bay, or diving to see the marvelous underwater world.

Thrilling Crocodile Club and Circus

Thrilling Crocodile Club and CircusIf you look for something adventurous and skillful, the Crocodile Club and Circus zones can exhilarate your travel to Tuan Chau. Just nearby the main entrance of the entertainment center, the Crocodile Club looks remarkable in the design of the spaceship with some compartments surrounded by the water body – the home of African crocodiles. Look for the amazing performances of the well-trained performers who can interact with the dangerous animals such as kissing the alligators, putting the head into their sharp mouth, taking objects out of their mouth, etc. Then, the amusement in Circus with the cute monkeys is abundant.

Kid-friendly Games World

Kid-friendly Games WorldTuan Chau Center ensures that children always find fun in the animated and modern Games World. You find a wide range of favorite games in this sector such as gun shooting, car racing, horse riding, etc. The coin-ops stimulate the little travelers to try them out and have fun. If you are dreaming of the authentic game maze filled with the large coin-ops screens, lively animation effects, high-quality sound system, etc., then explore it right in Tuan Chau.

The Oyster-design Amphitheater for Water Music Show

Water Music ShowWith an area of 2,5ha, the oyster-design amphitheater looks impressive amidst the green pine forests and beaches. The theater can serve up to 12.000 audiences who come to cherish the art of water, music, fire, and laser light. The outstanding performances in this setting might make you feel like you are visiting the Colosseum of the old Roman Empire. The water music and laser shows are colorful and enthusiastic.

Beach Party Tuan Chau Overnight

Beach Party Tuan ChauThe Overnight Disco Party on Tuan Chau Beach is the big magnet which calls numerous young travelers to gather at this amusement center. The breathtaking ground is set the middle of the picturesque beach, overlooking the sea, and offering the exciting music show, bikini show, hip-hop, and more. The famous Vietnamese artists, the magic laser effects, and enchanting wind voice, BBQ party, games, etc., make the party so full of energy and fun that you find it hard to forget.

Visit Tuan Chau Entertainment Center is one of the top highlights of the Halong Bay Tour Packages. Naturally endowed by carpets of white-sand beaches and forests, the recreational complex is attractive all year round for sea breeze, games, and art.