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Ngắm cảnh vịnh Hạ Long bằng trực thăng chính là một sản phẩm mới mẻ và độc đáo được khai trương từ tháng 5/2019. Đặt vé trực thăng Hạ Long trực tiếp giá rẻ chính là sự lựa chọn của khách du lịch khi đến với Hạ Long và có nhu cầu trải nghiệm khác […]

Wishes to fly over the legendary Bay of the Descending Dragon have been made true by the sightseeing helicopter to Halong Bay. Also, below are recommendations to the ideal Halong Heli Tours for your choice. Sightseeing Tours in Halong Bay by Helicopter Bell 505 With the long blades on top that go round very fast, a […]

Together with the cruise and yacht, the helicopter becomes a wonderful means of transport for flights from Halong Bay to Cat Ba Island, and in particular, the top Bell 505 Jet Range X helicopters in service promises the most exciting transfer ever. The wealthy guests can consider this option which takes 30 minutes flying between […]

Flight to Halong Bay By Helicopter proves itself to be a greatly upmarket service that appeals to passengers in a high social class, and the launch of the Bell 505 Jet Range X helicopters makes the flight more enjoyable than ever. Since the Northern Vietnam Helicopter (VNH) signed to buy two Bell 505 helicopters, it […]

From 10 October 2017 onward, travelers coming to Vietnam are able to enjoy seat-in-coach helicopter to Halong Bay from Hanoi on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Scheduled deluxe transfer by modern helicopter EC155 B1 is operated by VNH and promoted by the Authorized Helicopter Ticket Office – Halonghelitours.com.  The combination of helicopter transfer and luxury cruises […]